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Fan Letters

"I have been wanting to write you ever since I saw your wonderful performance of Stamped at the Fringe Festival in Toronto...I thought your message, as well as your performance was truly inspirational.I was fortunate enough to speak with you a little bit prior to your show and I just wanted to reiterate that I think what you're doing is fabulous! I work closely with children and young adults with special needs, so of course I was interested in your show. What I was not expecting was for it to have such a personal connection to me. I, too, have a mental health issue that I have been struggling with for the majority of my life. I wish I could talk about my struggles in as a creative, and effective way as you did. Truly, when I say I was inspired, I mean it. I have always been very passionate about activism for mental illnesses (and what one would typically consider a DSM disorder), but never did it occur to me to have the courage to speak about my experiences as a way to help people. I always shied away from saying what I had personally experienced, but that I knew the stigma was incorrect. I think that your show is such a great way for people to get it. I wish I could bring you to this university and have you show your talents to the lot of them, because it would do them so much good!" -Letter from a Fringe Festival audience member

"This was SO well done - both the writing and the amazing acting. It was completely riveting and I was surprised at the emotion afterward...my own and others. I thought I had this 'in check' but it turns out not to be the case even after many years" -An audience member at Autism Ontario National conference


"Can't get your show from last night out of my mind...The play itself was a real heartbreaker -- me and my friend were both very affected by it, and discussed it long after we left. Your brother is really lucky to have a sister who is so engaged in his life -- dog-trade bargains with God notwithstanding! You should be really proud."-Letter from a Fringe Festival audience member


"Very emotional and touchy but what a great and inspirational story to learn from" -An audience member at Autism Ontario National Conference


"The performance was brillant and told the story of the personal struggles of individuals, friends and families dealing with ASD on a daily bases." -An audience member at Autism Ontario National Conference